Architectural information about the oldest railway station, which is known as the old railway station of Edirne and which is still in existence before the construction of the existing building, can be found on the postcards of the old times. The first garage building was built in 1872 (Ahunbay, 1989: 567), where there is another station building at the place where today’s Edirne Station is located, even the opening ceremony was held here (Yavuz 1981: 259) and this structure in the 90s Trakya University ‘ It is the information that is used as a social facility (Seyit Alpak, who retired in 1980).
Although the design date  of the building, which is the work of the architect Kemalettin Bey, is not known, it should be made in the first years of the Constitutional Monarchy. The date of commencement of its construction is not certain. It is stated that it was in 1911-1912 or 1912-1913 (Yavuz: 50.257). Although it was generally completed in 1914, it was first opened in 1930 because of World War I and the end of various political developments. It was reorganized in 1959 by repair (Yavuz: 50, 257). When the new line was moved to Edirne-Istanbul due to the change of line, the building in Karaagac was abandoned on October 4, 1971 (Engin: 217), and served as an outpost during the 1974 Cyprus operation (Yavuz: 257). It was purchased by the Ministry of Finance to transfer to the newly established State Engineering and Architecture Academy in Edirne on 16 June 1977. (Kazancıgil, 1995: 181) .The University of Troy was used as a guest house, class and rector, It serves as a faculty. Other units connected to the railways are used for the purpose of the various departments of the university.
The unit of measurement used in the plans of the building is microstructure. The plan which was designed by Architect Kemalettin Bey belongs to the project prepared in 1959, which was copied from its original, for the purpose of repair and modification. In the whole of the building, changes were made in line with the needs, all of the lodgings were added with independent bathroom units, waiting rooms, restaurants, luggage and ticket booths were changed in the lower floor (Yavuz: 259-263).

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