Rüstem Pasha Caravanserai is located in the historical centre of Edirne, on the mainland route between Asia Minor and Europe. Even after losing the status of the capital of the Ottoman Empire, Edirne continued to be the critical military and commercial centre of the Empire’s European provinces. In the 1560s, the Grand Vezir Rüstem Pasha… Read More RUSTEM PASHA CARAVANSERAI



  Gazi Mihal Mosque (tr. Gazi Mihal Cami) is just one of countlesshistoric buildings of the former capital of the Ottoman Empire, Edirne. The mosque was built on the order of Gazi Mihal in 1422, as is stated on an inscription. Originally, the mosque was part of a larger complex of buildings, which also included… Read More GAZI MIHAL MOSQUE


Edirne Palace

Edirne Palace The palace was built on an area of ​​300-355.000 m2 on the bank of the Tunca River in the north of the city. It was started in 1450 at the 2nd Murat time. The palace construction, which had stopped for a while after the death of the monarchs, was completed by Fatih Sultan Mehmet… Read More Edirne Palace


Sightseeing in Edirne Palace

In the times of its splendour the palatial complex consisted of 72 buildings, including 18 baths and eight mosques. Approximately 34 thousand people lived in the palace area in its heydey. These inhabitants were served by six thousand members of palace staff. It these times the Edirne Palace competed with Topkapı Palace in Istanbul with… Read More Sightseeing in Edirne Palace

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Gastronomy Tourism as a Commodity of Destination Marketing: A research on İstanbul’s Gastronomy Tourism Potential)   Gastronomy tourism, besides being the most important means of economic development, it is also the most significant part of the fastly developing cultural tourism market. Many recent researches emphasized that the culinary culture of a target destination has a… Read More Youth Tour Translation English



WINTER HOLIDAYS   CAROL SINGERS (KOLEDARI) Winter ritual for fertility, health and happiness. Comes from the Roman word “calendae” -first days of January when rituals for fertility and prosperity throughout the year have been performed. On Christmas Eve, two groups of Carol singers led by “statenik”, visit homes and sing songs of wishes. Christmas songs… Read More WINTER HOLIDAYS