Mеthods of drug production in the Museum of Medicine-Edirne

In the drug production, the Ottomans used methods that Islamic medicine had acquired from ancient civilizations. Minerals were pulverized and cleaned by soaking in water. Juices of medical herbs and some fruits were pressed and oils extracted. Some substances were boiled down to a certain level, others were collected from the froth. Other frequently used… Read More Mеthods of drug production in the Museum of Medicine-Edirne

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Gastronomy Tourism as a Commodity of Destination Marketing: A research on İstanbul’s Gastronomy Tourism Potential)   Gastronomy tourism, besides being the most important means of economic development, it is also the most significant part of the fastly developing cultural tourism market. Many recent researches emphasized that the culinary culture of a target destination has a… Read More Youth Tour Translation English


Grand Synagogue of Edirne,

Grand Synagogue of Edirne,  is a historic Sephardi synagogue located in Maarif Street of Edirne, Turkey. It was designed in the Moorish Revival style and restored in 2015. HISTORY The 1905 Great Fire of Edirne destroyed more than 1,500 houses and also damaged several synagogues in the city. The twenty-thousand strong Jewish community urgently needed… Read More Grand Synagogue of Edirne,



  One of the major structure types of Edirne is the bridges. No other capital or city had attained the beauty of the bridges constructed inside and outside Edirne, which were constructed in the period of Sinan. The oldest bridge constructed in the city was from the period of Byzantine Emperor Michael Palaiologos (1261-1282). As… Read More BRIDGES



  The creation of Architect Sinan’s mastery period, Selimiye Mosque is the most important work of Edirne and is one of the most beautiful samples of Ottoman Architecture. The other major mosques and churches of the city could be counted as Üç Şerefeli Cami (Three Minaret Balcony Mosque), Muradiye Mosque, 2nd Bayezid Mosque and Külliye,… Read More MOSQUES AND CHURCHES